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With Scantix, you can ensure the tickets you accept at the door are original and authentic. It’s easy to setup, easy to use and an extremely effective security tool.

Why use Scantix?

If you have had a problem with ticket security in the past or are concerned about ticket reproduction for your events, put Scantix to work for you to eliminate fraud.

How does it work?

With Scantix installed on a PC or laptop, you can scan any ticket containing a barcode to determine its validity. Once the ticket is scanned, Scantix compares the number associated with the barcode on the ticket to a list created in a .csv file format and imported into Scantix. If a match is confirmed, the barcode number is recorded including the date and time the ticket was scanned. If the barcode is a duplicate or does not correspond to a number in the list Scantix warms you through both on-screen visual and sound effects.

At the end of the event, Scantix generates a summary of all Valid, Invalid and Duplicate tickets and a total of all tickets scanned providing a complete audit trail. This report can be easily exported back to MS Excel.

More info:

This separate stand-alone software application can be used independently or in combination with our Printix programs. Vtix also distributes hand-held scanners that work in conjunction with our Printix and Scantix software. For more information, contact Vtix.

Cost is $250*

*not including taxes. Scanners not included.

For more information, download the Scantix Brochure (PDF, 284 KB) or contact a Vtix representative.

If you have more demanding scanning requirements like multiple admission points with limited or no network connection, check out our Scantix Online solution.

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